CALISI BEAUTY is your beauty destination to create your “look of the future” - we are embracing the future of beauty with innovation, unveiling your natural beauty's true potential. Our products are vegan, cruelty free & containing only safe ingredients.

Our eco-conscious packaging is as forward-thinking as our approach. We are here to make your Get Ready Routines more enjoyable and feeling fabulous all day.


Meet our visionary founder, Carolina, a beauty enthusiast with a relentless passion for makeup from Germany. Drawing from her industry experience, she's dedicated herself to reimagining beauty routines for the better.

What began as a collection of beauty ideas in Carolina's notes over the past five years has now transformed into CALISI BEAUTY - a brand driven by innovation, unlocking the true potential of your natural beauty.

In 2022, we launched CALISI BEAUTY inspired by its home Dubai with futuristic flair. From the get-go, our mission has been clear: shatter boundaries and empower you with exceptional results in your daily beauty routine to embrace a future-forward look like never before.


We are vegan friendly and cruelty free, with no parabens and only safe ingredients. Our products are 100% fragrance free too. 


Our mission is to step into a new dimension and redefine beauty. With every product we create and every aspect of our brand, we aspire to make a profound impact. We believe that there are no limits to beauty and we're here to prove that.


Our vision is to empower individuals worldwide, unveiling the limitless potential of their natural beauty. CALISI BEAUTY envisions a world where beauty is not stopped by traditional beauty norms. Only when every step in your beauty routine has the best possible results with the most enjoyable application - our vision is complete. We aim to inspire a future where every face tells a unique and beautiful story.