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CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler

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    The Beauty Secret of 2024! Let's upgrade together from the regular lash curler to the premium CALISI CURLER™ and say goodbye to expensive lash extensions or chemical lash lifts! You can now get long and lifted lashes from home with proven results!

    • 100% safe for skin and lashes: 2 gentle temperature settings

    • Instant lifting effect and curl lasts up to 12 hours

    • Can be used before and after mascara + bottom lashes

    • Works gentle for all eyelash types and eye shapes

    • Full charge lasts up to 2 months, compatible for on-the-go-use

    Plus, it's effortless and fun to use, comfortably fitting in your hand to reach every single lash. Get your lift on!


    Can be used with or without mascara.

    Step 1: Gently hold the curler on the root of your lashes for 5-10 seconds.

    Step 2: Now place the curler at the middle of your lashes to curl in the tip for 5-10 seconds.

    *Achieve best results with our Vibe Check Mascaras. Tip: Let mascara dry before using the curler.


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    We have absolute confidence in providing you with the best Heated Lash Curler in the world.

    That’s why we’re proud to offer our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

    In the unlikely event that you don’t see results with the CALISI CURLER paired with one of our Mascaras, simply return your CALISI CURLER and we’ll give you your money back.

    *T&C apply. More info at

    • USB charging cable provided
    • Small cleaning brush for the applicator
    • LED digital display
    • Two temperature settings: 60°C-70°C and 75°C-85°C
    • Physical safe temperature with intelligent temperature control
    • Heats up in 10-30 seconds
    • Ready to use after the white silicon turns red
    • Automatic power-off function after 5 mins of power-on
    • It can be used 2 hours or 20 times after a single charge
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler
    CALISI CURLER™ Rechargeable Lash Curler

    • Abbi - United Kingdom

      "My lashes are looking so good with this curler. I love it and couldn't believe how long my lashes look!"

    • Tania - Italy

      "I saw results instantly. It's like a lash lift at home and it lasts all day."

    • Steffi - Germany

      "Expensive eyelash extensions was never an option for me, but I wanted to try the Calisi Curler and I‘m so impressed."

    • Yas - United States

      "The way this little tool has changed the game for my straight eyelashes. I'm so happy with the results!"


    How long do my lashes stay curled?

    Your curl will hold up to 12h as the curl will be locked in. Use our vibe check mascara before for best results!

    Is it healthy for my eyelashes?

    Our CALISI CURLER has two gentle temperature settings that are 100% physically safe with intelligent temperature control & a protective net. Rest assured our CALISI CURLER temperature isn’t damaging at all and leaves lashes feeling full and healthy.

    How does it work?

    Our CALISI CURLER replaces the old pinching lash curler and gives you the best long lasting lifted lashes with gentle temperature.

    Our two gentle temperature options lock in the curl with intelligent temperature control. Hold it 10 secs and brush trough to lift up your lashes. For best results use our vibe check mascaras.

    Is it hot?

    It is a warm gentle temperature that feels comfortable. It is not hot at all. It has two gentle temperature settings of 65°C and 85°C and a protective net.

    It has intelligent temperature control too.

    Does it work without mascara?

    Yes, you can also use the it without mascara, or with our clear vibe check mascara for best long lasting results and a natural lash lift.

    What mascara should I use with it?

    In all our videos we are using our Vibe Check Mascaras, which we recommend to get the best long lasting results as we created them to work perfectly with the Calisi Curler.

    Does it work on my short/straight/stubborn/long eyelashes?

    Yes, our Calisi Curler works for all lash types and eye shapes. With the curved applicator you can reach every lash and have the ability to move the applicator freely to shape your lashes as you desire.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 317 reviews

    Using this everyday! Way better than a lifting!

    Great product

    i am very pleased by the efficency of this product. It gave me amazing curved lashes in only 3 minutes !! I am so in love and i recommand it !!

    Best beauty product

    Very happy with it! My lashes had never been so beautiful


    Ich bin total begeistert!
    Ich curle erst meine Wimpern etwas,
    tusche sie dann einmal mit meiner Mascara,
    warte kurz und curle sie dann.
    Ich find das Ergebnis unglaublich toll!
    Jetzt gehe ich erstmal nicht mehr zum Wimpernlifting.

    So wie versprochen.

    Macht das was es verspricht. Mit einer durchsichtigen Mascara die ich auch bei calisibeauty gekauft habe hab ich ein mega schönen natürlichen Look und meine Wimpern einen tollen Schwung. Ich liebe es. <3